Welcome to our broadcast! It will air on March 30th at 1 pm CDT
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  • 1PM - 3PM CDT->BONUS -- Greatest Psyops in History Finale: From Deception to Ascension Jane Evershed, Dan Willis, Elena Danaan //
  • 3PM - 4:30PM CDT-> DATELINE ZERO: Ressurection of theAngelic TemplateDr. Alex Ling, Dr. Jo Whitaker, Medyhne Lebachen, and AJ Roberts //
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  • 4:30PM - 6PM CDT Mapping the History of Time: Indigenous Cosmic WisdomDave Emery //
  • 6PM - 7PM CDT Stellar Secrets & Sacred Rites: The Chokwe's Cosmic Legacy Marcus Matte and Wayne Herschell //
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