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The Lazarus Initiative is more than an inquiry into Cosmogenesis. It is an effort to resurrect Truth.

Why is this so important

The Lazarus Initiative is a collective conversation in pursuit of full-spectrum human and planetary emancipation and to raise awareness and consciousness within as many souls as humanly possible.

Sacha Stone brings together experts and leaders that do not usually swim in the same waters. His unique grasp of current events crosses boundaries and disciplines, curating dynamic speakers and discussion topics for each symposium. The robust conversations that grow from this rigorous process lead into areas and ideas not generally covered today.

The Lazarus Initiative is assembling a pantheon of the world’s leading icons in consciousness, medical-science, quantum-science, archeo-cosmology & theology, forensic analysis, and truth & disclosure in an epochal undertaking: to engender a planetary conversation threading a narrative encompassing: Cosmogenesis, The Status Quo, and Ascension.

Monthly memberships to the Lazarus Initiative platform brings monthly live stream symposia, journals and Zoom Q&A sessions (depending on membership level).

As evidenced by the current corona-covid abomination, we face the gravest existential threat our civilisation and species have ever faced before. It is well within our capacity to awaken from the spellbinding; from reclamation of health sovereignty to restoration of natural-law and auto-determination as living men and women of the living soil.

The Lazarus Initiative will fully articulate and expose genetic interventionism (from the Third Reich and post-Nazi eugenics programs to E.T. abductions and vaccination programs), mind-control, A.I., transhumanism, (i.e., Morgellons syndrome and other attributable ‘diseases’), allopathic medicine, and the full spectrum assault against mind, body, and soul due to the desecration of water, air, and soil through a travesty of generational agrochemical and pharmacological poisoning.

To comprehend the breadth and extent of reality, we are required to thread cosmogenesis to the status quo and ultimately through the mechanics of ascension. The conversation will therefore explore and illuminate sovereignty, natural law and ascension with an emphasis on the subtle dimensional upgrading occurring throughout the mortal realm via vibration, light and frequency upshifting, which will reveal the foundational need for absolution and redemption at the individual, cultural and civilizational level.

The Lazarus Initiative will take us on an incredible journey together, as a community, through this time of great awakening.

Guest Speakers


As we bravely seek to retrieve the story of Cosmogenesis, we are required to journey through the mind and soul, suspend all fixed notions of reality, and prepare ourselves for a radical overhaul of our conceptual framework.

Looking beyond ourselves to the motions and genuflections of billions of souls on this earth, we see a disparate and ruptured civilisation fractured by socio-economic, cultural and religious divides. Yet, from these moralistic and spiritual chasms, we emerge as a common species, defined in essence by a desperate search for relevancy, for redemption, and for salvation—the heroes’ journey.

The Status Quo

This is the story of how the Beast of the Sea finally made its way onto dry shores to emerge as the Beast of the Land, where Admiralty or Maritime law (the law of piracy) usurped the law of the land and both infiltrated and commandeered natural law, the law of the land, and God’s law. It is the story of how we collectively breached the soul-covenant, offered ourselves up for harvest, and granted permission for this infiltration every step of the way. It is the story of you and me. It is the story of how we arrived at the status quo and how we now choose to define the reclamation of our lives, our souls, and our precious planet. In the end, it is the story of how we find our way back home.


Ascension comes easier to those who exhume manufactured systems of distraction and frustration from their everyday lives, for these systems are designed to cut our soul’s umbilical cord from the divine source. Idolatry is a toll-booth between us and the road to God; embracing the holy spirit occurs exclusively and mutually between heart and source. Not even the ascended master who reaches the zenith point of ascension, attaining a crystalline state, can proffer that their way is the definitive ascension model to which to aspire. Every soul’s ascension is as different as the fingerprint they materialized when they descended to this earthly plane. The dimension arrived at through ascension must match the soul’s resonance to attract it by way of natural law.

Ascension exists as an exit point from a plane of matter for humanity to evolve by consciously raising its collective consciousness and aspiring toward reuniting with the galactic family while living on Earth or upon “death.” Perhaps the fabric of human cosmogenesis weaves ascension DNA into our initial conception-spark to facilitate the soul’s return to the source, concluding our earth mission. Just as the fall season naturally makes way for winter, the spring of each ascension is inevitable. The fruits of summer ascension are measured by the nurturing elements one decides to plant in their life-garden.

About Sacha Stone

Former rock musician and artist Sacha Stone grew up in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe throughout the war for independence. He established Humanitad in 1999 and has worked across both the NGO and IGO sectors as an outspoken advocate of human rights and natural justice. He has instigated peace initiatives and education programs, lobbied against human-rights abuses in different parts of the globe and continues to prosecute for the protection of vanguard innovators, scientists and doctors.

Sacha founded the New Earth Project, an evolving blueprint for sustainable, sovereign and self-determining communities, headquartered out of the world-renowned (Akasha) NewEarth Haven in Bali. Sacha is also the founder of the ITNJ International Tribunal for Natural Justice, which launched under multilateral observership in June 2015 via a ceremonial seating and ratification ceremony at Westminster Central Hall in London on the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. This new planetary court is committed to the dispensation of natural justice: www.humanitad.org

The ITNJ launched the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse at Westminster Central Hall in London in Spring 2018. The Commission continues to hear witness testimonies from survivors and expert witnesses from around the globe via online virtual court seatings. A Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere launched in 2019, and in 2020 the court launched an inquiry into Corona/Covid: www.commission.itnj.org

Sacha is founder of the World Health Sovereignty Summit with many of the worlds leading advocates in the health sector including: Robert Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, G. Edward Griffin, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marla Maples, Charlene Bollinger, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Andrew Wakefield, and Dr. David Martin, among others.


Sacha is an activist, public speaker, publisher, writer and film-maker:

NewEarth Horizon
The Lazarus Initiative is a series of livestream broadcasts and publication produced by NewEarth Horizon. NewEarth Horizon is a portal for NewEarth Media that focuses on state of the art technologies and media productions.
The people of NewEarth crave truth and balance from local and global information sources. NewEarth is certain that the people of this planet are inherently good, and that news that is founded in truth builds bridges and harmonizes relationships between all nations and cultures. News media voiced by the good people of earth is the cornerstone of NewEarth Media.
In order to dismantle the main-stream media’s false narrative and defy ubiquitous media censorship, NewEarth Media provides a planetary media platform that reports pure-truth. Using leading edge technology, broadcasting worldwide, NewEarth media presents round-the-clock evidence of a sane world. NewEarth media broadcasts impartial and accurate coverage of global news, bypassing the controlled global media highway of disinformation with its’ emphasis on negativity and superficiality.



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