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Symposium XI

The Symposium XI has ended , the replay for members will be available in 3-5 days. Thank you, good night – see you next time

Symposium Agenda!

Times can change

SYMPOSIUM XI on Saturday April 21th, 2022

Hybrid Bloodlines and the Agendas

1 pm CDT
Traugott Ickeroth, Dave Emery, Dan Winter, David Sereda, and Shehnaz Son

Morgellons Update

2:30 pm CDT
Elana Freeland, Harald Kautz – Vella, and Kelli Ann Heffernan

Sacred Sexuality Through the Ages

3:30 pm CDT
Dave Emery and Margot Anand with Sacha Stone

Ancestral Songs and the Doctrine of Discovery

4:50 pm CDT
featuring: David Kam, Sheri Lewis, Ivan Lookinghorse and Mesfin Zaid and a tribute to Charlene Walking Bul

ROOTS update -Displaced Iron in the Body and More.

5:50 pm CDT
Sacha Stone, Clayton Thomas, Dr. Christina Rahm, Caroline Mansfield.