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Symposium XVIII Monday December 26th, 2022 (Live is now over)

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Symposium XVIII Replay

Our Live Symposium is now over. Thank you for joining us! Members can watch the replay of Symposium XVIII by using the same access code that was sent out (also found on the Member Dashboard). The FREE BONUS segment is available to all – click below!

Symposium Agenda!

Times may change

SYMPOSIUM XVIII on  Monday December 26th

Segment 1: Sacred Geometry: The Organizing Principle of the Universe

Charlie Ziese & George Leoniak – LIVE (panel: Dan Winter, David Sereda, and Sacha Stone) – 2 hours

1 pm – 3 pm CST approximately

Segment 2: Revelations of Aramaic Jesus: The Hidden Teaching on Life & Death

Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz w Sacha Stone (Prerecord) – 45 min

3 pm – 3:45 pm CST approximately

Segment 3: Dragon-Blood: The Resurrection Principle

Dr. Dean Allen with Sacha Stone (Pre-record)- 51 minutes

3:45 pm – 4 pm CST approximately

Segment 4: Member Q&A (Prerecorded) – 55 minutes

Sacha Stone

4 pm – 5 pm CST approximately

Segment #5 FREE BONUS: The Greatest Story Never Told

Dave Emery (Pre-recorded) – 35 min

5:10 – 5:45 pm CST approximately