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Symposium XXXII

February 29th at 1 pm CST

Our Live Symposium is now over. Thank you for joining us! Members can view the full symposium by clicking below. The FREE BONUS will be avalable in 48 hours!

Symposium Agenda

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SYMPOSIUM XXXII on February 29th at 1 pm CST

Bonus Segment #1 The Greatest Psyops in History Part 3: Decoding Modern Deceptions

Dan Willis, Jane Evershed and Elana Freeland – 2 hours

In this third installment, we will discuss modern illusions and narratives. Topics such as climate change, overpopulation, public health propaganda, water scarcity, agriculture and much more will face a rigorous challenge. This exploration decodes the psyops shaping our current reality.

Segment #2 Cosmic Symphony: A Radical Rethink of Science, Spirituality, and Existence

Thomas Brown – 90 minutes

Join us in exploring the cosmos through the lens of Thomas Joseph Brown. Let’s challenge our perceptions, push the boundaries of knowledge, and embark on an intellectual adventure together. Don’t miss this opportunity to rethink reality and explore the mysteries of existence.

Segment #3Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Divine Purpose of Angelic Humanity

Dave Emery – 1 hour

We’ll trace back to times far before the ‘primordial soup’ era, highlighting the roles Angelic Humans chose as guardians and healers, serving various races and securing Universal Star-Gates in our Solar System.

Segment #4 BUFO: The Ascension Gateway to Healing and Mysticism

Renee Siri – 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes

Discover the transformative powers of BUFO, also known as the ‘toad of dawn’, and its profound influence on spiritual awakening. Learn about the sacred experiences tied to this remarkable entity that have fascinated spiritual seekers for ages. Our dialogue will illuminate new pathways towards self-love, spiritual growth, and healing.

Segment #5 HOPI PROPHECY: Pueblo People, Star Beings & Prophecy Rock

Sacha Stone – 1 hour

Lazarus Members get access to a special highlight reel from Sacha’s recent retreat in Sedona. This immersive event delved into the fascinating narratives of the Hopi traditions. Don’t miss these highlights that promise to take you on a mesmerizing journey through ancient prophecies and cosmic connections. The full retreat video will be available soon – look out for updates!