How We Got Here

Sacha Stone – Founder

It is my earnest hope that as many as possible join us on this noble Lazarus quest. Reaching a threshold number of actualized humans is imperative to planetary ascension and that objective is the cornerstone to this initiative! Although we are required to self reveal, self reflect and self determine the journey to ourselves, it is also true that we have the capacity to elevate our expression and our intention beyond self and act as surrogate to others along the way. That is the power of empathy, of compassion and of selflessness. Arguably it is the greatest aspect of the enlightened human soul. Let’s enjoin that state of grace as we continue our journey into the transcendent!

From Alpha to Omega – a collective conversation in pursuit of full-spectrum human and planetary emancipation 

The Lazarus Initiative fully articulates and exposes genetic interventionism (from the Third Reich and post-Nazi eugenics to E.T abductions and vaccination programs), mind-control, A.I., transhumanism (i.e., Morgellons syndrome and other attributable ‘diseases’), allopathic medicine, and the full spectrum assault against mind, body, and soul due to the desecration of water, air, and soil through a travesty of generational agrochemical and pharmacological poisoning.

The conversation will therefore explore and illuminate sovereignty, natural law, and ascension with an emphasis on the subtle dimensional upgrading occurring throughout the mortal realm via vibration, light, and frequency upshifting, which will also explain the foundational need for absolution and redemption at the individual, cultural and civilizational level.

Vision Statement

The initiative is assembling the world’s leading icons in consciousness, medical science, quantum science, archeo-cosmology & theology, forensic analysis, and truth & disclosure in an epochal undertaking: to engender a planetary conversation threading a narrative encompassing: cosmogenesis, the status quo, and ascension.

Why this is so important: As evidenced by the current corona-covid abomination, we face the gravest existential threat we have ever faced as a civilization and species. However, our remarkable ability to awaken from within, to break the spell, is the very catalyst that ensures our survival. We must reclaim our health sovereignty, restore natural law, and foster the auto-determination of living men and women of the living soil.

To comprehend the breadth and extent of reality, we are required to thread cosmogenesis to the status quo and ultimately through the mechanics of ascension.  There is a foundational need for absolution and redemption at the individual, cultural and civilisational levels.

The series is produced by NewEarth Horizon Media