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Symposium XXXIII

Our Live Symposium is now over. Thank you for joining us! Members can view the full symposium by clicking below. The FREE BONUS will be avalable in 48 hours!

March 30th at 1 pm CDT

Symposium Agenda

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SYMPOSIUM XXXIII on March 30th at 1 pm CDT

Bonus Segment #1 Greatest Psyops in History Finale: From Deception to Ascension

Jane Evershed, Dan Willis, Elena Danaan

1 pm – 3 pm CDT

Segment #2 DATELINE ZERO: Ressurection of theAngelic Template

Dr. Alex Ling, Dr. Jo Whitaker, Medyhne Lebachen, and AJ Roberts

3 pm – 4:30 pm CDT

Segment #3 – Mapping the History of Time: Indigenous Cosmic Wisdom

Dave Emery

4:30 pm – 6 pm CDT

Segment #4 Stellar Secrets & Sacred Rites: The Chokwe’s Cosmic Legacy

Marcus Matte and Wayne Herschell

6 pm – 7 pm CDT