Join Sacha Stone in a magnificent island retreat setting.

The Regenesis Retreat invites you on an opportunity to spend a week with Sacha in an intimate, exotic setting on the Isla Mujeres in Mexico. This 7-day immersive and transformative journey will lead you through his now-signature tapestry of carefully curated content from world leading icons in consciousness, quantum-sciences, archeo-cosmology, metaphysics, syncretism, light-body activation, detox, nutrition and sovereignty. The retreat will facilitate one on one connection in soul-nourishing surroundings in the Mayan Caribbean, including curated activities and workshops along with world-class cuisine in a large beachfront luxury villa.

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Regenesis guests can expect a world-class experience like no other… a rare opportunity to interact closely with Sacha during his temporary stay in Mexico. While the status quo continues to constrict human freedom, expression and billions of lives around the globe – we determine to expand, to create, to embody, to enact and to manifest. As this assault against consciousness wages, the most impactful action we can take is the restoration of our own consciousness and sovereignty. We are being called to prepare mind, body and soul in order to anchor frequencies aligned with the great shift of ages, which is upon us as a planet and as a species. The Regenesis Retreat has been curated in answer to that call.
Sacha will be joined, both virtually and in-situ, by leading figures in consciousness, sovereignty, wellness & innovation who will lead workshops and engage Q&A with the retreat circle on each of the days:
Tantra & the Conspiracy of Bliss with Margot Anand
Syncretism & Astrotheology with Santos Bonacci
Lightbody Activation & Quantum Communication with David Sereda
Personalized Vibrational Frequency Revelation with Elena Bensonoff & Alejandro Ferradas
Meditation and Quantum Manifestation with Shehnaz Soni
Sacha Stone
Sacha Stone
David Sereda
David Sereda
Lightbody Activation & Cosmogenesis
Elena Bensenoff & Alejandro Ferradas
Elena Bensenoff & Alejandro Ferradas
Vibrational Revelations
Margot Anand
Margot Anand
Tantra and the Conspiracy of Bliss
: Russell - Jay: Gould. (Virtually)
: Russell - Jay: Gould. (Virtually)
Santos Bonacci
Santos Bonacci
Syncretism & Astrotheology
Shehnaz Soni
Shehnaz Soni
Meditation and Quantum Manifestation
As well as live workshops and immersions with Sacha’s esteemed guests (both live & video) will be ‘quantum conversations’ between 8pm – midnight each evening with Sacha in immersive Q & A pow-wow format. He will share personal anecdotes and insights from decades of frontline activism and pursuit of knowledge in cosmogenesis, consciousness, sovereignty and the mechanics of ascension.
Arise Homosapiens!
To integrate and connect we will enjoy a day off together in the middle of the week to explore the famed Ek Balsam Ruins with world-renowned astro-theologian Santos Bonacci followed by swimming in sacred inner-Earth cenotes. Space is available for daily yoga, meditation and breathwork as desired. We will close and honor the week spent together with a beautiful family-style farewell ocean-front banquet.

What This Retreat Includes

A 7-day turnaround retreat with a 5-days immersion led by Sacha and his team in a deluxe but intimate family-style setting - for an enlightening and life-changing experience
Reception banquet.
First-class room accommodation in one of two luxury ocean-front villas, located on an island off the coast of Cancun surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.
Consciously-prepared meals throughout the retreat program day. The area is world-famous for its clean and healthy culinary experience.
Four days of morning and afternoon focus workshops spanning cosmogenesis to regenesis including virtual sessions with world leading icons joining us from around the globe: Margot Anand (tantra & sacred sexuality), : Russell-J: Gould. : SOVEREIGNTY & CLAIM OF THE LIFE, David Sereda (DNA activation & light-body alignment), David Avocado Wolf (conscious nutrition), Dr Christina Rahm & Clayton Thomas (scientific revelation & miracles), Santos Bonacci (archeocosmology & syncretism)
Rooftop Shalla available for yoga, breathwork &meditation.
A day of adventure to the famed Mayan ruins of Ek Balam with Sacha and Santos Bonacci accompanied by a cenote swim. A Mayan cuisine dinner at our Isla Mujeres base camp will be accompanied by David Sereda delivering a live interactive presentation and discussion.
Evening pow-wows (between 8pm-midnight) with Sacha in open-ended ‘quantum conversation’ with all participants as we delve into the nature of cosmogenesis, the status quo and the mechanics of ascension.
Complimentary (private) consciousness scale frequency readings of all retreat participants by Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas.
Last day banquet at (venue description)
Serious inquiries only please.
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Regenesis Retreat by Sacha Stone
Sunday, October 3 – October 9, 2021
Yucatan Peninsula (location to be emailed upon registration)

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Additional single bed in suite for family or friends: $3,960