Symposium XXIII -Segment 4: Lost Ascension Teachings

Symposium XXIII -Lost Ascension Teachings: The Magdalene Gospel Unveiled 

With recently renewed interest in Mary Magdalene, we’ll explore the ascension techniques in her gospel, which transcend orthodox teachings. Joanna Kujawa will offer a scholarly seeker’s perspective, highlighting the positive message of these practices. Through exploring the goddesses of Eros and Mary Magdalene’s connection to Esoteric Egypt, we will uncover lost teachings of ascension and apply them to our lives today. Join us on a journey into the depths of esoteric wisdom – emerge with a newfound understanding and appreciation of rarely discussed teachings.

Video Duration: 1H 12M

Lost Ascension Teachings: The Magdalene Gospel Unveiled

Joanna Kujawa and Sacha Stone

 April 29th 2023

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