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Sacha Stone and Maria Crisler unveil the groundbreaking Patent Pending Solution for immunity against the spike protein.

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Watch the video showcasing the revolutionary Patent Pending Passive Immunity product with Sacha Stone and Maria Crisler.


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Regenesis Spike Formula
The Patent Pending Passive Immunity product

Sacha Stone and his team have developed a revolutionary Patent Pending Passive Immunity formula that neutralizes the spike protein. Lazarus members can support the development of the patent pending formula and be among the first to have access. The funds raised will help make this supplement available worldwide! We invite you to join us as embark on this incredible journey of health and wellness!

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Regenesis Formula
Activate the wonder of full-spectrum immunity boosting…

Cellular Micronutrients work with the body’s Endocannabinoid system to help deliver total body transformation. We know wellness starts at the cellular level and were the first to develop an efficient delivery system to address nutrition, electroconductivity, and systemic oxidative stress.

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