Call for Volunteers – Lazarus Initiative

Call for Volunteers

Graphic Artists with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop experience are needed to do roughly 5-10 hours of work a week.


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Volunteer position

Graphic designer

You are fluent in and have access to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (CC or higher). You are able to take direction, follow design guidelines, adapt your creativity to set a vision from the team lead, and are methodical and through in your approach. You are able to ascertain different components of an identified visual language and can continue implementation of the same approach to new projects. You are comfortable working online as part of a team and independently.
Being 0 inexperienced and 5 expert
Being 0 inexperienced and 5 expert
3. Which is your strength?
4. What is your experience mainly based on?

Editors and proofreaders

You are experienced in editing and proofreading, have an eye for detail, and are computer savvy. You are able to respond to small tasks that have 24 to 48 hour turnarounds. You are a gifted writer but enjoy proofreading other writer’s contributions to perfection. You have access to Microsoft Word and are comfortable working online as part of a team and independently.
3. Which is your strength?
4. What is the main application is your experience based on?

Visual artists and poets

If you have enjoyed the content in the Lazarus Initiative journals or Creative Living and have an art or poetry that you would like us to consider showcasing in future publications feel welcome to pass on your website and contact details. The themes that will peak our interest the most are Art, Beauty, Consciousness, and Dark to Light. For visual artists, if your art is chosen you will need to supply high resolution imagery in PDF format. Upon submitting your art or poetry, you consent to Lazarus Initiative publishing your work in the journal (digital and potentially print) and across social media. Attributions only will be provided.
2. What are you interested in supplying?
If you are a poet, you may like to submit a sample of your poetry here.